Where insanity meets reality

Novy – Yvon

Born on September 5, 1996, in Switzerland Yvon discovered and taught himself the
basics of diabolo and unicycle at a very young age. From 2004 to 2014 Yvon trained in
different circus schools like Fun’en’Bulle, Arabas Circus and Cirque-en-Ciel where he
had a long history. He preferred juggling and acrobatic as principal discipline; fire
breathing came a bit later.

Starting in 2015, Yvon took kind of a break with training so he could focus on completing his apprenticeship as office worker, his travel in Australia and his
military Service as a hospital solder. Joke on him, He finished his military service as a sergeant. During these
two years Yvon had the opportunity to perform for different festivals like the Festival
Local, Balalec Festival or for the medieval festival in Montagny-les-Monts. He even
performed for the military during his service.

At the end of 2017 Yvon went back to the circus school Cirque-en-Ciel, but as a teacher this
time. In addition to teaching he had the opportunity to work as a technician for The Kunos
Circus Theater. In 2018 he chose to follow his dream of circus, by training at The
Zarti’Cirque in St-Croix. And late in December he performed for the Winter Cabaret of
Kunos Circus Theater.

In 2019 Yvon moved to Berlin to study in Die Etage. There he concentrates on
Juggling, which remains is main discipline. His second discipline is Hands to Hands (H2H) as a
flyer. With his school partner, they are developing a discipline they call Acro-Juggling. During his
study he has acted as Stage manager for Die etage Werkstatt and was rigging man for the
graduation show 2020 and 2021. Beside his study, he performed in various places, teach juggling and acrobatic. Yvon Graduated in october 2022. He now perform alone for many gigs in Berlin and Europe and also work with different partner.